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Biomimetic Dentistry
in Aurora

Dr. Zenon is renowned for practicing biomimetic dentistry. Typically, crowning a tooth would require cutting the entire tooth down, which can unnecessarily remove healthy tooth structure. This can predispose the tooth to sensitivity and nerve irritation, which can cause the need for a root canal, thereby shortening the tooth’s biological life cycle. The biomimetic philosophy utilizes conservative materials and less-invasive techniques to restore teeth. The goal of biomimetic dentistry is to give patients restorations that will be strong and beautiful. Our goal is to minimize future dentistry, saving our patients time, money, and, in many cases, their natural teeth.

What is biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic means “to copy or mimic nature.” Biomimetic dentistry, therefore, is a type of dentistry centered on conserving the natural tooth as best as possible.

Biomimetic dentistry is used to treat weak, fractured, and decayed teeth while maintaining the tooth’s existing strength and structure. This type of dentistry seals the tooth from bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of traditional root canals and crowns by as much as 90 percent.

Teeth move, bend, and have physical dynamics of force that must be accounted for when re-making them. By restoring the natural properties of the tooth with special materials and techniques, dentists like Dr. Zenon that use biomimetic techniques are able to preserve precious amounts of tooth structure while allowing the tooth to move and flex as it should.

Traditional dentistry sometimes uses materials that are too strong or stiff, which may not allow the tooth to move and flex as it should, thereby leading to catastrophic failures. With biomimetic dentistry, the potential for catastrophic failures such as root canals and fractured teeth are reduced or eliminated. This helps preserve the pulp of the tooth, which is much like the brain of the tooth. Preserving the pulp is vital to the lifespan of a tooth. Preventing these catastrophic failures also helps reduce the economic implications of advanced, invasive dental treatment, which can have a profound impact on patients’ lives.

Dr. Joshua Zenon and the staff at Gateway Park Dental are experts in the biomimetic treatment of cavities and damaged teeth. Biomimetic dentistry could be your best option for repairing any damage to your teeth and can help you avoid future complications that could lead to further treatment or even root canals. If you’re interested in learning more about biomimetic dentistry and how it can help ensure you have a natural, healthy smile for years to come, visit our office or call us.